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By Hattons Gas, May 22 2014 05:07PM

A look at Bottled Propane Gas and Bottled Butane Gas in Portsmouth

Both propane gas and butane gas are hydrocarbon gases packed in cylinders for ease of portability. The main difference between the two gases is in their molecular composition, in the number of carbon atoms they have. This difference in the carbon primarily means that they have different rates of combustion and also emit different pollutants when they burn.

With their difference in composition, it goes without saying that they serve different purposes and in varied situations. Considering the environmental and pollution concerns, it is worth pointing out that butane is a safer form of liquefied petroleum gas recommended for use indoors. Butane is a popular choice for domestic cooking and other indoor uses because of its clean nature. Propane on the other hand should only be used in outdoor situations because it emits more pollutants, the effects of which can be compounded in closed places where there is limited air circulation.

Both gases are often sold in cylinders to make a convenient fuel sources for people on the move and shopping for any of these gases is easy. The cylinders vary in size with smaller sizes for domestic use and larger sizes fit for commercial businesses. The smallest cylinders we do are as little as 3.9 Kilograms in weight while the larger ones come in cylinders that weigh 47 Kilograms or more.

Important safety measures when using any of these gases include checking that the cartridge and regulators are not worn and that they firmly locked in place. The gas pipe that often links the cylinder to the appliance should also be tightly fitted to avoid any possibility of leakages. For the case of propane, you must make sure you only use it in an open and well aerated place to avoid poisoning from carbon fumes.

When purchasing new bottles of gas or refilling your existing ones, we will always ensure your gas bottles are safe and strongly sealed.

You can now purchase your bottled gas in Portsmouth through our online store here.

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